AL OEM Processing:

Customer inquiry- Internal products discussion- Anlac Lab sampling- Customer sample Approval/adjusting/confirmation- Packing design/making- Production line planning- Start the manufacturing- Quality controlling- Filling & Packing- Finish products inspection- Warehouse/ Delivery/ Shipping

Provide complete product planning services which include skin care products, facial masks, self-owned brand, OEM and ODM aiming personal and corporate market demands.
Deep Cleansing Transparent Products
Natural cleansing formula integrated with moisturizing factors leaves neither rough nor taut feeling after washing. Natural sources allow safe application without causing any burden.
Make-up Removers
Strong purification capacity enables deep pore cleansing and effective make-up and dirt removal to achieve deep purifying effect.
Strong purification capacity enables deep pore cleansing and effective make-up and dirt removal to achieve deep purifying effect.
Multiple natural ingredients are selected and integrated with the formula that contains excellent moisturizing and the ability of promoting ingredient permeation to achieve moisturizing effect, shiny complexion and skin whitening.
Essence Concentrates
Highly concentrated essence is able to defend fragile skin and carry out all-day repair to restore the best condition of your skin. The skin will be bursting with dashing splendor and endowed with increased protection against the environment.
Lock moisture, reduce water loss, promote skin absorption of the active ingredients within the essence concentrate and achieve moisturizing effect.
Power Rich/Essence Creams
We have developed exclusive power rich creams aiming at different climates, consumer groups and diverse skin types in various countries.
Facial Masks
The appeal for type and efficacy of facial mask is of a wide variety. In addition to being able to aim at all kinds of cloth film provided by the customers, we will also incorporate every kind of new active ingredient and raw materials that can increase texture to assist our customers in creating product differentiation of the absolute predominance.
Being provided with the plainest, down-to-earth essence, the soap we produce is natural and of great purity! Instead of leaving clamminess, discomfort and rough, arid feeling, it gives light and refreshing feeling after washing while keeps your skin in clear, fresh and comfortable condition.
Shower Gel Products
Rich, dense and silky foam reduces the burden and friction on your skin. It tenderly cleanses the skin without leaving sticky and uncomfortable feeling or causing dryness and roughness.
Shampoo Products
Cleanse thoroughly the stains and dirt on your scalp and hair while reduce hair entanglement caused by dryness. Your hair will become supple, soft and easy to fix after washing.